“I Got Mine”

Author: John Queen and Charles Cartwell
Earliest date: 1901 (recording, Collins & Natus)
Keywords: gambling chickens robbery trial escape trick
Found in: US(SE)


The singer gets into all sorts of scrapes, getting out in some manner while maintaining "I got mine." Example: The police raid a craps game in which the singer is involved. He grabs the pot and successfully makes off.


The Digital Tradition footnotes claim that this is from McNeil's Southern Folk Ballads. This is incorrect; I have not been able to discover the source of the DT version. - RBW

Perhaps the DT transcription came from the Carson recording? Or, more likely, from one of the several revival performances of the song, such as Roy Bookbinder's. - PJS

Brown's text seems to be a racist version of the original (or other texts are cleaned up); the singer devotes his efforts to cheating "coons." - RBW

Looking at the sheet music on the American Memory website makes it clear that the other texts were cleaned up; this was originally a "coon song." It was recorded by a duo that was probably Collins & Harlan, who specialized in "coon songs." - PJS



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