Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1898 (Gomme)
Keywords: playparty death nonballad
Found in: Ireland Britain(England(All),Scotland(All)) US(Ap,NE)


Playparty. "Wallflowers, wallflowers, growing up so high, All of you young ladies Are meant to die." One girl is excepted, because of her great skill at (something).

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          *** A ***

From Alice B. Gomme, The Traditional Games of England,
Scotland, and Ireland, Volume II, p. 331, text II. From London.

Wallflowers, wallflowers,
Growing up so high,
All you young ladies
Are meant to die.
Excepting little ------,
She is the best of all,
She can skip, and she can dance,
She can turn the candlestick.
Oh my, fie for shame,
Turn your back to the wall again.

          *** B ***

Also from Gomme, p. 332, text VII. From Dorset.

Wally, wally wall-flower,
A-growen up so high,
All we children be sure to die.
Excepting [naming the youngest]
'Cause she's the youngest,
Oh! fie! for shame! fie! for shame!
Turn your back to the wall again.

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