“Unemployment Insurance”

Author: Alton MacLean
Earliest date: 1982 (Ives-DullCare)
Keywords: unemployment political humorous nonballad
Found in: Canada(Mar)


"I'm sitting here waiting for the mail" with my unemployment insurance cheque. "I go into the office to fill out my claim, Praying to Jesus the jobs will be few." The cheque arrives. "Dear Lord.... If you find work for someone I sure hope it's not me!"


Ives-DullCare: "Ten weeks of summer work could be sufficient for a person to file. Then -- after the obligatory but painful six-week waiting period -- the cheques would start coming, and they could very well carry a person through the whole winter and even up to the next summer season, but, of course, the claimant was obligated to be 'actively seeking work' all that time. The song suggests that perhaps not everyone operates fully within the spirit of this program." - BS

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