“The Shantyman's Life (I)”

Author: George W. Stace?
Earliest date: 1858 (broadside)
Keywords: logger nonballad lumbering
Found in: Canada(Mar) US(MA,MW,NE,NW,Ro) Canada(Mar)


"The shantyman's life is a wearisome one, Though some say it's free from care; It's the ringing of the axe from morning until night in the middle of the forest drear." The singer lists the hazards of his life; he plans to go home, marry, and settle down


Some versions of this song refer to a lack of liquor; Doerflinger reports that strong drink was banned in most logging camps in the years after 1860. The only recourse was a "visit to the dentist" or the like -- an excuse that obviously could only be tried so many times.

The broadside version of this is credited to George W. Stace of "La Crosse Valley, Wis[consin]." For what it's worth, La Crosse is in the heart of what used to be the Big Woods country. - RBW

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