“The Sewing Machine”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: Prob. 1940s (recording by unknown artist) but may be earlier
Keywords: bawdy disease curse soldier
Found in: US


A soldier visits "the Heidelberg whore." He has sex with her, that is, he sews on her "sewing machine," and ends up cursing her for giving him "the clap and the blue-balls too."


The reference to the Heidelberg whore suggests this song or version dates from the post World War II occupation of Germany. [It was] probably inspired by "Charlotte the Harlot." - EC

I'm not sure about placing this song during the occupation of Germany. The [Party Platters] record cited above doesn't mention the Heidelberg Whore, and it *may* be prewar. It'd be good to have a date for it. - PJS

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