“The Quaker (II)”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1936 (recording, Freddie James, RQMS Williams, G.W. Greening and Harry Hawkins?)
Keywords: battle navy sea ship patriotic
Found in: Britain(England(South))


The Quaker is a ship with five hundred and fifty seamen. "By those blooming French dogs, we'll never be controlled." We fought them "till they could no longer stay." The war is over. A health to true girls and Lord Nelson "the best of all our crew"


A ship with 550 sailors would have to be a Ship of the Line. I can't find a line battleship named _Quaker_ in any British records, pre- or post-Trafalgar. The closest I can see to a similarly-named ship is the 64-gun _Caton_. But that's hardly the most famous ship in the navy. We should probably just treat the ship name as an error. - RBW



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