“The Meeks Family Murder (II)”

Author: credited to Marion Anderson (1894)
Earliest date: 1942 (Randolph)
Keywords: homicide children escape execution
Found in: US(So)


The Meeks Family (husband, wife, and three children) are lured from home by the Taylors. The parents and two children are killed, but wounded Nellie escapes to report the crime. The Taylors are captured and sentenced to die


For more historical details on this piece, see the notes to "The Meeks Family Murder" (I).

To tell this piece from the other Meeks ballads, consider this first stanza:

'Twas in the lovely springtime,

In the merry month of May,

When Meeks, his wife, and children

Were induced to go away. - RBW

Historical references

Cross references


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