“The Loss of the Lady of the Lake”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1989 (Leyden)
Keywords: emigration rescue death sea ship storm wreck


In 1833 the Lady of the Lake sails from Belfast for Newfoundland. After three weeks on a pleasant sea "the ice came down like mountains" The Captain and some sailors escape in a long boat. The singer os rescued by the Lima and returns to Liverpool.


Leyden: "Total saved 34; perished 197; total 234" with a list of those saved, including Captain Grant; the ballad claims the author to be survivor George Monaghan via the Lima, who is not on Leyden's list. Leyden's list has one person saved by the "Lima," 13 in the "Harvest Home," and twenty in the "Lady ..." long and stern boats.. - BS

Northern Shipwrecks Database has 18 left on _Harvest Home_ -- abandoned after striking ice on May 9 -- rescued by _Gypsey_ and transferred to _Amazon_ - BS

Doerflinger, p. 301: ?Bound from Belfast to Quebec, the ill fated emigrant ship struck the underwater tongue of an iceberg on May 11, 1833, south of Newfoundland. Her captain, mate, and some of the crew, with a few of the passengers, got clear of the sinking ship in the boats, leaving the rest of her 230 men, women, and children on board the hulk or struggling in the icy water. All but those in the captain's boat peridshed." - RBW

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