“The Grey Goose”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1933 (recording, Washington "Lightnin'")
Keywords: talltale bird cook hunting
Found in: US(So)


"Last Monday morning, Lord, Lord, Lord... My daddy went a-hunting... for de grey goose." The goose is found and killed; it takes six weeks to fall, and six weeks to pluck, and six weeks to cook... It cannot be cut, and comes back to life and flies away


Paul Stamler writes, "[This song and 'Home, Happy Home'] are so close that it might be better to call [the latter] an Alternate Title." I have no knowledge of "Home, Happy Home." Anyone know more? - RBW

"Home, Happy Home" was collected, almost certainly from white informants, by Garry Harrison in southern Illinois, probably in the 1970s. - PJS

John Greenway sees this as similar to "Cutty Wren." Once again, I don't see it. - RBW

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