“The Fenian Song (II)”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1928 (Mackenzie)
Keywords: violence nonballad patriotic
Found in: Canada(Mar)


If you happen to walk out Someone in your ears are humming, And they'll ask if you know When the Fenians are a coming.... They dare not 'vade our soil, Nor try to work us wrongful"


Mackenzie: "The so-called Fenian Brotherhood was formed in New York in 1857. Its main purpose, apparently, was to 'set Ireland free,' but among its subsidiary projects was an invasion of Canada from the United States. In Canada there was for a time a good deal of excitement accompanied by the drafting and training of young men for the purpose of sweeping back the threatening tide." Mackenzie thinks this fragment was "probably a Canadian recruiting song." - BS

For additional background to the Fenian invasion of Canada, see "A Fenian Song (I)." For the organization's founding, see "James Stephens, the Gallant Fenian Boy." - RBW

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