“The Cowboy's Dream”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1893 ("Cow-Boy Life in Texas")
Keywords: cowboy religious dream
Found in: US(Ap,SE,So,SW) Canada(Ont)


"One night as I lay on the prairie... I wondered if ever a cowboy Could drift to that sweet by and by.... Roll on, roll on, roll on, little dogies, roll on, roll on...." A cowboy's reflections on the afterlife, with the images cast in herding terms


An extended discussion of the authorship of this piece is found in Thorp/Fife. What it seems to boil down to is that several people played a role, and none can claim the whole thing.

It was apparently built around "(In the) Sweet By and By," but I've always heard it sung to "My Bonnie." - RBW

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