“The Cedar Grove”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1928 (Mackenzie)
Keywords: sea wreck death
Found in: Canada(Mar)


The "Cedar Grove" sails from London to America. She runs aground off Canso because the helmsman cannot violate discipline. The captain, two crew members, and a passenger are lost, and the ship sinks


Naval discipline dictated that the helmsman could not speak or be spoken to. Normally this was a good idea -- it prevented distractions -- but here it proved disastrous. (For a similar mix-up, see, of all things, Lewis Carroll's _The Hunting of the Snark_.)

Doerflinger considers this to be derived from "The Loss of the Albion." - RBW

Manny/Wilson: "The song is said to have been written by James A Dillon, author of the Rescue of the E A Horton." - BS

I have a note (which was included in prior editions of the Index) stating that the song is by Captain Cale Maitland. I can't find my source for this statement, so I have removed the name from the Author field, but presumably I had some reason for putting it there, so I am leaving the author unknown. - RBW

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