“The Bed-Making”

Alternate titles: “My Old Father Was a Good Old Man”; “My Mother Sent Me to Service”; “The Bedmaking”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1930 (Ord)
Keywords: servant sex pregnancy bastard begging hardtimes
Found in: Britain(Scotland)


The girl is sent into service "when I was young." Her master becomes enamored of her. The mistress catches him with her, and throws the girl out. At last she bears a son, and brings him back to the father, blaming it all on "the bed-making."


Roud splits off Ord's text, "My Mither She Feed Me," as a separate item, #3796. But Ord's text, while only a fragment, contains all the characteristics, and many of the words, of this piece (or at least its first portion). I can't see splitting them unless a fuller version of Ord's song is forthcoming. - RBW


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