“The Battle of Ballycohy”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1868 (Zimmermann)
Keywords: battle death farming Ireland landlord police


Billy Scully "turn'd from the Church." He gave notice to tenants who had paid their rent. Armoured, he was shot by "the boys of Ballycohy" and Gorman and a peeler Scully had for help were killed. "Here's success to brave Moore, says the Shan Van Voch"


Zimmermann 7D: "William Scully purchased a property in Ballycohey, County Tipperary. Scully soon became the terror of his tenantry. He turned Protestant when the Catholic priest remonstrated against his conduct. In 1868, he decided to evict his twenty-one tenants, but when he went to serve his notices, he was severely wounded. His steward and a constable were killed. It is believed that the landlord wore a suit of chain-mail which saved his life. Before Scully recovered from his wounds, Charles Moore, then Member for Tipperary, purchased the Ballycohey estate." - BS

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