“Sally Anne”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1918 (Cecil Sharp collection)
Keywords: dancing nonballad marriage courting animal
Found in: US(Ap)


"Oh where are you going, Sally Anne? (x3) I'm going to the wedding, Sally Anne. Oh shake that little foot, Sally Anne, (x3), You're a pretty good dancer, Sally Anne." "Did you ever see a muskrat, Sally Ann...." Other verses are equally unrelated


Lomax says that this is the same melody as the fiddle piece "Sandy Land," in turn related to "Sally Goodin." [But Lomax wasn't a fiddler. The tune is related to "Sandy Land" (actually "Great Big Taters in Sandy Land"), but I draw the line at "Sally Goodin." I'm no fiddler, either, but I've backed up a lot of them. - PJS] Certainly the banal and unrelated verses are what one would expect of a fiddle tune with words added. - RBW

The Rufus Crisp recording, "Blue Goose," is a conglomerate. But as we define it, "Sally Anne" is a song with this pattern, a lot of floating verses, and the name, "Sally Anne." What more do we want? - RBW, PJS.

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