“Saladin's Crew”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1932 (Creighton-NovaScotia)
Keywords: ship mutiny execution farewell
Found in: Canada(Mar)


Hazelton is waiting to be hanged. He hopes his parents do not hear of his death. He prays that God "can pardon us all ... Even Fielding ... that proved my downfall" He thinks of his youth and the girl "who taught me to love in a far distant land"

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Saladin's Crew
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          *** A ***

From Helen Creighton, Songs and Ballads from Nova Scotia, #111, pp. 241-242.
"Sung by Mr. Ben Henneberry, Devil's Island."

Come, all ye good people who wish to live long,
And pray lend an ear to a criminal song.
Take warning by me while now I lie in jail,
Her halter is ready my fate to bewail.

(6 additional stanzas)


This song is item dD45 in Laws's Appendix II.

Another of the Saladin conspirators speaks out (cf. "Charles Augustus (or Gustavus) Anderson [Laws D19]" and "George Jones [Laws D20]"). Here is John Hazelton. Hazelton -- like Anderson and Jones -- was convicted and hanged. Has William Trevaskiss, the fourth of the hanged mutineers, a ballad as well? (Source: _Pirates of Canada_ by Cindy Vallar on the Pirates and Privateers site for the History of Maritime Piracy) - BS

For details on the Saladin Mutiny, see the notes to "Charles Augustus (or Gustavus) Anderson" [Laws D19] - RBW

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