“Partizaner Lid (The Partisan)”

Author: unknown
Keywords: war battle death rebellion foreignlanguage


Yiddish: The guerrilla is advised to use (her) weapon well. A girl is going on her first raid. She kills an enemy soldier, and his vehicle crashes. She rejoices in her success in "a struggle all must share"


World War II saw more partisan activity than any previous war, mostly because the Nazis so cruelly oppressed their victims. Perhaps the largest guerrilla forces were raised in Poland, where Jews were plentiful and even the Christians were treated as animals.

Toward the end of the war, as the Russians approached Warsaw, the Polish resistance arose and recaptured the city. This was the greatest accomplishment of the partisans in the entire war.

Sadly, at that very moment the Russians stopped their advance. Stalin said his armies needed to regroup. In fact, he was allowing the Nazis the chance to crush the Warsaw uprising so he wouldn't have to do it himself.

The Nazis did their part, then the Russians moved in. Tens of thousands of Poles had died for nothing. - RBW


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