“Naomi Wise”

Author: Carson J. Robison
Earliest date: 1925 (recording, Vernon Dalhart)
Keywords: homicide river gallows-confession
Found in: US(Ap,SE)


(John Lewis) takes Naomi for a ride and throws her in the river. When her body is found, he is arrested but not convicted. He confesses to the murder only on his deathbed

Historical references

Cross references



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  3. BrownII 300, "Poor Naomi (Omie Wise)" (5 texts plus 1 excerpt and mention of 2 more; it appears that Laws places text "F" here, but "G" is also this song, with "A," "D," and "H" being "Poor Omie (John Lewis) (Little Omie Wise)" [Laws F4])
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