“Mister Rabbit”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1925 (Scarborough)
Keywords: animal questions dialog nonballad floatingverses
Found in: US


"'Mister Rabbit, Mister Rabbit, your tail's mighty white.' 'Yes, bless God, been gettin' out of sight...." Mister rabbit similarly explains its coat, ears, and other physical features

Supplemental text

Mister Rabbit
  Partial text(s)

          *** A ***

From Dorothy Scarborough, On the Trail of Negro Folk-Songs,
pp. 173-174. Supplied by "Mr. Dowd" of Charleston, South

"Mister Rabbit, Mister Rabbit,
  Yo' ears mighty long."
"Yes, my lawd,
  Dey're put on wrong!
    Every little soul must shine, shine, shi-ine,
    Every little soul must shi-ine, shine, shine."

(3 additional stanzas)


Roud links together several rabbit songs under one number: "Mister Rabbit," "Ole Mister Rabbit (I'll Get You Rabbit)," even "Rabbit Hash." All are about rabbits raiding gardens (something they certainly do) and the attempts to punish them for it (rarely successful, even with modern technology). But the forms are quite distinct, so I split them. - RBW

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