“Lord Ingram and Chiel Wyet”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1802/3 (ms)
Keywords: family pregnancy marriage homicide fight madness
Found in: Britain(Scotland)


Lord Ingram and Chiel Wyet are (brothers/uncle and nephew). Lady Maisry loves and is pregnant by Chiel Wyet but Ingram woos her family and she is made to wed him. On the wedding night Chiel Wyet and Lord Ingram kill each other; Maisry goes mad.


Bronson quotes two tunes for this piece, but admits they "may have no genuine right to this association. The sole connecting link, in the absence of words [neither tune has a text], is the title of the first tune, 'Lord Ingram.' But the tune suits ill with the metre of any known text...." - RBW


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