“Lang Johnny More”

Alternate titles: “Long John, Old John, and Jackie North”
Author: unknown
Keywords: royalty love courting prison execution rescue
Found in: Britain(Scotland(Aber))


John More, on a visit to London, falls in love with the King's daughter. The King declares he will kill John, and takes him prisoner by drugging him. John sends a message begging help. Two giants come to rescue him, browbeating the King into surrender


Child views this as "perhaps an imitation, and in fact almost a parody, of 'Johnie Scot.'" Certainly the plots are very much alike -- but the supernatural feats of the rescuers are commonplaces (cf., e.g., "Hughie Grame" [Child 191]).

The surname "More/Moore" appears a distortion of Gaelic "Mor," "big." - RBW

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