“Heave and Go, My Nancy O”

Alternate titles: “Om Dannebrog Man Ved”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1888 (L. A. Smith, _Music of the Waters_)
Keywords: shanty sailor foreignlanguage
Found in: Denmark Britain


Capstan shanty. "Come all ye jolly sailors bold. Heave and go, my Nancy O! Listen till my tale is told. Heave and go, my Nancy O!" English version of a Danish shanty. No particular story line to the verses, but some make reference to Danish place names.


This was quoted from L.A. Smith's _Music of the Waters_ where it was included as a translation of a Danish shanty. It may have some connection with a song that Doerflinger found "Pull Away Now, my Nancy O!" but Smith didn't give a tune. The Danish version was called "Om Dannebrog Man Ved." - SL


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