“Heave Away Cheerily”

Alternate titles: “Off to the South'ard We Go”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1912 (JFSS)
Keywords: shanty money
Found in: Britain US


Chorus: Sing me lads cheerily, Heave me lads cheerily, Heave away cheerily o-ho! For the gold that we prize an' for sunnier skies, away to the south'ard we go!"


Hugill gives the second text, "As Off to the South'ard We Go," as a variant of "Heave Away Cheerily" and quotes it from vol. 5 of the _Journal of the Folk Song Society_ where was taken down by a Mr. Piggot from the singing of shantyman J. Perring of Dartmouth in 1912. - SL


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