“Garryowen (I)”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: c.1867? (broadside, Johnson Ballads 2111a)
Keywords: rebellion nonballad patriotic


"Garryowen's gone to rack, We'll win her olden glories back." Sarsfield "tramp'd the English banner down ... And we will take our father's place And scowl into the Saxon face" "Draw your swords for Garryowen and swear upon the Treaty stone"


Broadsides LOCSinging as104230 and Bodleian Johnson Ballads 2111a are duplicates.

Broadside Bodleian Johnson Ballads 2111a is the basis for the description.

The Treaty of Limerick was signed on October 3, 1691 by Sarsfield for the Irish and Ginkel for the English. Hayes, _The Ballads of Ireland_, Vol I, p. 215 re "The Treaty Stone of Limerick": "The large stone which served Sarsfield for a chair and writing desk, when signing the articles of the treaty of Limerick, is still [1855] shown as an object of historic interest to the stranger visiting that city."

Croker-PopularSongs: "Garryowen, in English, 'Owen's Garden,' is a suburb of Limerick." - BS

For more on Sarsfield, see "After Aughrim's Great Disaster." - RBW



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