“For Seven Long Years I've Been Married”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1916 (Gardner/Chickering)
Keywords: husband wife drink poverty hardtimes marriage warning technology
Found in: US(MW,SE)


"For seven long years I've been married, I wish I had lived an old maid... My husband won't work at his trade." She complains about how hard her life is; her husband has broken his promises and wasted her wealth on drink


Kelly Harrell's version of this song appears to be modernized (it mentions automobiles and their failings), and the whole thing may be an update of one or another of the songs in the cross-rederences -- but it doesn't follow the standard pattern of any that I recognize, so I am forced to file it separately.

The notes in Brown say that this piece is found in Randolph's _Ozark Folksongs_, II 417. It's not in the second edition, however. It is true that a song on that page has been deleted -- but the deleted song is "Beautiful Brown Eyes." - RBW

Cross references



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