“Eleven More Months and Ten More Day”

Author: Arthur Fields & Fred Hall
Earliest date: 1930 (recordings, Vernon Dalhart & Lem Greene)
Keywords: captivity jealousy infidelity accusation execution prison sports humorous prisoner
Found in: US Britain(England(South))


Singer is in jail; he went on a spree after seeming to find his wife unfaithful. In jail he plays baseball, meets a man who is to be hung, and has other mildly humorous adventures


This essentially non-traditional song is included here for one reason only: the verse describing the prisoner's wife's possible infidelity is straight out of "Four Nights Drunk." Folk process in action. - PJS

There have in fact been a couple of seemingly-traditional collections, far from the song's source, so I think it's become "folk" in a small way -- not unusual for a Dalhart song. It appears the song was first published in 1930, shortly before the first recordings, but I haven't seen a copy of the actual sheet music. - RBW

Same tune

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