Alternate titles: “The Duchess and the Tinker”; “The Highland Tinker”; “Tim the Tinker”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1975 (IRClare01)
Keywords: drink bawdy tinker sex wordplay
Found in: Ireland


A tinker meets a woman: coming from the ball and he soldering against the wall; in the wood and his budget stood; in the bar to "have it again"; in the bed and says "We should be wed"; at the door and trips her on the floor. She should go with him.


Notes to IRClare01: "This has been around since at least 1675 when a fourteen-verse version was entered in the Stationers Register but since then it has been slimmed down somewhat, while still retaining its celebration of bawdry." - BS

This apparently is lumped by Roud with his #863, which includes several Tinker-who-can't-keep-his-mind (or other body parts)-on-the-job songs. But Ben Schwartz and I would separate this from both "The Tinker" and "The Jolly Tinker" by the nature of the wordplay and the fact that the tinker is interested quite specifically in one woman. - RBW



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