“Don't You Leave Me Here”

Author: Possibly Jelly Roll Morton
Earliest date: 1925 (Scarborough)
Keywords: loneliness sex bragging abandonment parting separation money drink floatingverses nonballad lover
Found in: US


Floating verses: "Don't you leave me here...If you must go...leave me a dime for beer." "I've never had one woman... I've always had six, seven, eight or nine." "The rooster crowed... Saying, 'If you want to taste my fricassee you got to run me down."


Norm Cohen tells Paul Stamler that "Don't You Leave Me Here," a song sung by Jelly Roll Morton, not only shares lyrics with but is a version of "Alabama Bound (II)". We leave the question open. - (PJS, RBW)

Scarborough's text certainly has references to being Alabama Bound, but the form is rather different:

Don't you leave me here,

Don't you leave me here!

I'm Alabama bound,

I'm Alabama bound.

Don't you leave me here!

Ef you do de train don't run.

I got a mule to ride,

I got a mule to ride,

Don't you leave me here. - RBW

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