“Cotton Wool Pie”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1952 (Creighton-Maritime)
Keywords: courting trick food party humorous
Found in: Canada(Mar)


"It's about a pie social. It should take the cake." Jim sells the pies but Tom could find none for him. He assumed the last was for him from his beau but found it filled with wool. "No pie to devour, no sweetheart had he."


Blondahl04: "It should be explained in the following song that two girls loved the same man. Now, when a pie social was planned one of the girls baked a pie and filled it with cotton wool. She intended to shift the pies and so break up the rival affair." It appears she was successful.

Blondahl04 has no liner notes confirming that this song was collected in Newfoundland. Barring another report for Newfoundland I do not assume it has been found there. There is no entry for "Cotton Wool Pie" in _Newfoundland Songs and Ballads in Print 1842-1974 A Title and First-Line Index_ by Paul Mercer. - BS



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