“Corinna, Corinna”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1926 (recording, Blind Lemon Jefferson)
Keywords: courting infidelity loneliness
Found in: US


"Corinna, Corinna, where you been so long? (x2) Ain't had no lovin' since you've been gone." "Corinna, Corinna, where'd you stay last night? Your shoes ain't buttoned...." "I love Corinna, tell the world I do, And I hope someday babe, you'll love me too."


Lomax reports that this "also occurs as Alberta or Roberta." If so, they are not the songs usually found under these names [i.e. "Alberta, Let Your Hair Hang Low"]. - PJS, RBW

It should be noted that many do think them related, and Roud appears to lump them. But the form is simply too different in my book. - RBW



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