“Bundle and Go (I)”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1904 (Ford)
Keywords: love courting father abandonment dowry
Found in: Britain(Scotland)


"Frae Clyde's bonnie hills, whaur the heather is blooming... I'm come, my dear lassie, to mak' the last offer.... " His father (and mother?) are dead, his house eerie; he loves none but her. She decides to leave her parents and "bundle and go" to his home


There are several broadsides in the NLScotland collection entitled "Rise Up Noble Britons, Bundle and Go," apparently written in response to the Indian Mutiny (1857; for which see, e.g., "Erin Far Away (I)" [Laws J6] and "The Dying Soldier (I) (Erin Far Away II)").

It is not evident from the sheets whether it is built around this piece, another "Bundle and Go" song, or is entirely independent. - RBW

Same tune



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