“Brindisi Di Marinai”

Alternate titles: “Lampabbo Lampa”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1948 (Favara, _Canti della Terra e del Mare di Sicilia_)
Keywords: shanty fishing drink foreignlanguage
Found in: Italy Sicily


Fisherman's shanty for hauling the nets, refrain "Lampabbo! Lampa!" Verses revolve around drinking.


Hugill theorizes that this may have been the origin of "Reuben Ranzo." The hauling of nets and the hauling of halyards are similar jobs, and the two songs have identical melodies and the pulls are in the same places. The method of singing is also the same as deep-sea shanties, where the final note of the refrain is overlapped with the first note of the solos, and vice versa. - SL

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