“Boy Killed by a Falling Tree in Hartford”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1953 (Flanders/Olney)
Keywords: death burial mourning injury warning
Found in: US(NE)


Young Isaac Alcott, newly arrived in Hartford, goes riding. He goes to "cut some timber for a sled" and is hit by a falling branch. Found many hours later, it is too late to save his life. His funeral is described; the song ends with a moralizing stanza

Supplemental text

Boy Killed by a Falling Tree in Hartford
  Partial text(s)

          *** A ***

From Helen Hartness Flanders and Marguerite Olney, Ballads
Migrant in New England, pp. 167-169. From Edward Horton,
Plymouth Union, Vermont. Collected before 1940.

Come, all you young people far and near,
A true relation you shall hear
Of a young man as ere you see
Was killed in Hartford by a tree.

One Isaac Alcutt was his name,
Who lately into Hartford came,
Residing with his brother James,
Last Thursday noon went, as it seems,

(stanzas 1, 2 of 17, printed as 16)

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