“Bollochy Bill the Sailor”

Alternate titles: “Barnacle Bill the Sailor”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1927 ("Immortalia")
Keywords: bawdy dialog sailor seduction
Found in: US


A dialogue song in which Bill -- who "just got paid and wants to be laid" -- seeks to get the fair young maiden into bed.


For a history of this onetime sea song, see Cray, _Erotic Muse_ II, pp. 83-85. - EC

Most of the printed versions of this song are fairly "clean." But Cray and Fuld are in agreement that it is properly a bawdy song. Fuld doubts the existence of its ancestor "Abram Brown the Sailor," but Cray quotes a text from the Gordon collection [and there is a version in Greenleaf/Mansfield- (BS)].

There is also a nursery rhyme about Abram Brown, found in Baring-Gould-MotherGoose #230, p. 150, ("Abram Brown is dead and gone"), but if that is associated with any song, it is probably "Old Grimes Is Dead."

Carson Robison is sometimes credited with a popular version of this ("Barnacle Bill the Sailor"), but obviously his part was no more than a clean-up (and production of sequels). - RBW

In the interest of history, it is worth recording that the scientists of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, during the Sojourner mission, named a particularly lumpy rock on the surface of Mars "Barnacle Bill the Sailor." - PJS

Same tune



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