“Blue Ridge Mountain Blues”

Author: credited to Bill Cox
Earliest date: 1924 (recording, Riley Puckett)
Keywords: separation home travel father mother nonballad homesickness home return reunion travel family dog
Found in: US(SE)


"When I was young and in my prime, I left my home in Caroline, Now all I do is sit and pine, For those folks I left behind. I've got the Blue Ridge Mountain blues." The singer longs for home, and dreams of the aged parents at home whom he will soon see


The only authorship claim I've found for this lists it as copyright 1958 by Bill Clifton and Buddy Dee. Clifton, however, was born in 1931, and Riley Puckett recorded the song in 1924, so this claim is demonstrably false. Paul Stamler found the credit to Bill Cox, which is at least chronologically possible though he seems to have recorded it relatively late. - RBW

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