“Been to the Gypsy (St. Louis Blues)”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1925 (Scarborough)
Keywords: Gypsy prophecy separation abandonment clothes
Found in: US


"Been to de Gypsy to get mah fortune tole, To de Gypsy done got my fortune tole, 'Cause I'se wile about mah Jelly Roll. Gypsy done tole me, "Don't you wear no black." Yas, she done tole me, "Don't you wear no black. Go to St. Louis, you can win him back."


This passage is used in W. C. Handy's St. Louis Blues. But Scarborough at least implies that this portion is older. As usual, she offers no real supporting evidence.

Note that neither song should be confused with Lead Belly's "St. Louis Blues." - RBW


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