“Andrew Rose”

Alternate titles: “Andrew Ross”; “Captain Rodger's Cruelty”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1938 (Colcord)
Keywords: homicide execution sea ship ordeal sailor
Found in: Canada(Newf) US


Captain Rogers of the Martha Jane has British sailor Andrew Rose whipped and tortured. "Then the captain trained his dog to bite him" and Rose dies. When he arrives at Liverpool Rogers is arrested, convicted, and sentenced to be hanged.


According to the Mariners site, regarding the sleeve notes of "Farewell to the Days of Sail", an LP by Mike Stanley, "Andrew died of his injuries. The master, mate, and bo'sun were tried for the murder in Liverpool. The master, Captain Rodgers was found guilty and hung at 'Joe Gurk's' (Walton Prison)." - BS


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