“An Anti-Fenian Song”

Author: unknown (Music by George F. Root)
Earliest date: 1932
Keywords: patriotic Canada battle political
Found in: Canada(Not)


"In the morning by my side Sat the darling of my pride... When the news spread through the land That the Fenians were at hand...." The singer and his fellows -- "English, Irish, Scot, Canuck" -- "will drive the Fenians back"


For the historical background to this silly idea (the Fenians wanted to hold Canada hostage to make England free Ireland), see the notes to "A Fenian Song (I)."

The only real result of the Fenian invasion was to cause the Canadians to realize the need for greater organization. This gave greater impetus to the drive for Confederation, which was enacted -- not without significant opposition! -- in 1867. - RBW

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